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Darling Harbour is a thriving entertainment center for young and old alike. Once a dock area, it has been redone to include some of the biggest recreation complexes in the city.

The area has a casual atmosphere and the festivity is lulling to visitors. The Australian National Maritime Museum, the Chinese Gardens and the Sydney Aquarium are just a few of the attractions.

Darling Harbour is accessed easily by different routes. A monorail runs into the area offering a different view of the city as it circles through. There are seven monorail stations that serve the Darling Harbour area hotels and attractions. With service every four minutes, this is a quick and reliable source of transportation to the Harbour.

Ferries are available from Circular Quay and pedestrians can easily walk from town over the Pyrmont Bridge. Main pedestrian footbridges are located at Market and Liverpool Streets. The Pyrmont Bridge, once noted for being the first electronically operated swingspan bridge in the world, is now a pedestrian and monorail route.

The Chinese Gardens are located in the south eastern corner of Darling Harbour. This is a tranquil, secluded spot for the weary traveler. Come and enter the Courtyard of Welcoming Fragrance and end your visit with tea and cake in the Chinese teahouse. The gardens were designed in China to commemorate the nation's bicentennial. Guangdong, the Chinese sister city of Sydney presented the gardens as a gift. With pavilions, towering willows, cool ponds with louts and large colorful fish, and a teahouse, this is the largest garden of its type outside of Asia. It was designed by landscape architects and embodies some principles that date back to the 5th century

Other entertainment spots include Sega World, which is an indoor family theme park with attractions including a roller coaster, live performances, family games and rides dealing with future, past and present themes.

The Sydney Entertainment Centre is a popular venue for concerts and big names in entertainment. The Centre has been recently renovated and specializes in conventions, exhibitions and family and sporting events.

The Cockle Bay Wharf is a large complex on the city side of Darling Harbour and is a mix of fine restaurants, outdoor dining and budget eateries. Harbourside Shopping Centre, a two level shopping complex, hosts 150 shops. Many of these are retail souvenir shops specializing in Australian ‘relics' galore.

The small Harbour offers Cinemagic which uses motion simulation and sharp edged images and special effects to make one feel part of the magic on the screen. Last, certainly not least, the Imax Theatre is a colossal movie screen that stands more than eight stories tall. The films are brilliant and shot in ultra high-definition 75mm format. With the strategic placement of speakers and screen combination, watching is almost like being part of whatever experience is being shown. One can climb Mount Everest, take a voyage on a Space Shuttle or maybe an excursion to the Antarctic. Films change regularly and hourly sessions run from 10:00 a.m.

Make Darling Harbour part of your Sydney experience. It is an adventure in entertainment.