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Have you ever shown up at an important meeting wearing a dress or suit that looks like its been slept in? The "Bundle Method" of packing can be just the approach you are looking for to avoid that constant search for an iron or the extra time needed to press clothes. This method nearly guarantees wrinkle-free results for both tailored and casual clothes and can be used in any 22- or 24-inch suitcase that opens like a book.

Open your suitcase wide so that it lays flat. Pack your largest, heaviest, and longest items excluding slacks.

For a straight dress, place shoulders in the corner of the bag, center collar at hinge end, drape bottom of dress over top end where handle is, and drape sleeves over side walls.

For a suit jacket, button it, lay it face down with collar centered at hinge end, drape bottom over handle end, and cross sleeves down back of jacket.

Then lay slacks lengthways on top of jacket or dress with waistband touching side of suitcase. Drape bottom of slacks over other side of suitcase. Vertically tri-fold a full skirt and pack like slacks.

For straight skirts, lay waistband along handle edge with hem draped over hinged end.

Add long sleeve shirts or blouses. Lay these face down like jacket, starting with collar centered at hinge end. Drape sleeves and bottoms over sides of bag or cross down back.

Short-sleeved shirts come next. Place in same manner as long-sleeve shirts.

Pack sweaters over short sleeve-shirts. Drape sleeves and bottoms over sides.

Pack shorts. Long shorts go vertically with bottoms draped over one end. Shorter shorts are packed horizontally and go last.

Create a core "pouch" in center for swimsuit and undergarments. Pouch should be 11" x 16" with about two inches all around. The fuller the edges of the core, the less wrinkling.

Place core pouch in center of draped clothing. Take last item packed and fold over the core and so on until all are folded.

Fold hem of garment up over top of core. Then fold one sleeve across core, wrapping extra material around curve of core. Repeat for other sleeve. Continue through layers. Pack as tightly as possible.

Pack remaining items, such as toiletries, in plastic or nylon bags, and shoes, belts, etc., around the edges or in the suitcase's other compartments.

Now you can attend that meeting in style and looking your best.