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Oshkosh, Wisconsin is nestled on the shore of the Fox River in east central Wisconsin. The city is surrounded by water, actually, with the nation's largest inland freshwater lake providing a beautiful shoreline for other residents.

Occupied by approximately 65,000 residents, Oshkosh is one of the ten largest cities in the state of Wisconsin. Its origins were as a sawmill town in the 1800s. The ever-present waterways were a key link in connecting the city to the rest of the world.

Oshkosh's fame grew when the Oshkosh B'Gosh company began making overalls and later, children's clothing. The clothes became a huge hit around the world and even one who doesn't know exactly WHERE Oshkosh is at least knows the name. The manufacturer has moved out but the link remains. Oshkosh, though, thrives thanks to a wonderful university (the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh), a location that places it on the prime corridor between the Fox Valley metro region and Milwaukee and the famous "EAA Fly In".

EAA stands for Experimental Aircraft Association, the group that holds its annual convention at Wittman Regional Airport each summer, drawing hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts to the city. The convention grew from a small gathering into the most famous event in aviation. For one week, the Oshkosh airport surpasses all as the busiest airport in the world. ANY aviation buff knows EXACTLY where Oshkosh is and either has been there or dreams of going! From airshows featuring restored WWII fighter jets to occasional visits by the Concorde, the fly-in has everything a flying enthusiast could ask for.

Exhibits and programs, airshows and demonstrations are part of the fun. Most inspiring to the casual observer, however, is the mass of airplanes that sit on the airport grounds. There are planes as far as the eye can see and interesting stories behind each. Some are home-built, others are the latest products by manufacturers who come to stay abreast of the competition.

Oshkosh also offers one of the nation's oldest restored theaters, the Grand Opera House as well as recreational opportunities year-round. Boating, fishing, hunting, biking, hiking and camping are all available in or near the city.