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New Orleans is the city where the fun never stops. If you want to experience a holiday with a little something different, if you have a craving for exotic food, zydeco music and jazz, then this city is your prime destination.

The music and the food aren't New Orleans only attractions -- although the food is a wonderful thing! Did you know there thousands of gourmet chefs live and work in New Orleans? It could take you years to sample their cooking! The daily papers have restaurant reviews and hotels are also great sources of information about the best places to eat.

New Orleans has a long and fascinating history. There’s mystery, adventure, pirates and buccaneers like Jean LaFitte, the Cajuns with their own distinct flair, swamps filled with alligators and nutria and -- poisonous snakes! There’s the signing of the Louisiana purchase and the great Huey Long Bridge. New Orleans is the home of Fats Domino and jazz, and of Anne Rice, creator of the vampire Lestat.

New Orleans boasts over forty thousand designated buildings on the National Historic Register. Check out the French Quarter Museum, The Historic New Orleans Collection, The Confederate Museum, and the Beauregard-Keyes House and Garden, to name just a few. The Louisiana State Museum on Jackson Square is one of the best places in the city to find out about things to do and places to see.

Tired of the New Orleans museum scene? Then take a walking or cycling tour for a slow, first-hand glimpse of the city’s varied architecture. The buildings are an interesting collage of styles from all over the world. Go to the French Quarter and discover secluded patios where the old bricked walls drip with moss and curling vines, and where the windowsills, doorways and terraces are decorated with vases, pots and hanging baskets overflowing with every kind of flower imaginable.

Are plantations something you’d like to see while visiting New Orleans? Not a problem. There are half a dozen of them within a short distance of the city. Destrehan Plantation is the oldest remaining plantation home along the Mississippi. Others that are a must-see if you’re interested in how life was lived back one hundred and fifty years ago are, Oak Alley, Houmas House and Nottaway Plantation.

The Mississippi and riverboats were once the lifeblood of Louisiana. Cruise on the Creole Queen and see where Andrew Jackson and Jean Lafitte pummeled the British in the Battle of New Orleans. Jump on the Natchez for an afternoon harbor cruise or go later for a dinner jaunt, complete with jazz. If you’d like to spend a few days on a paddle wheeler, book a cabin on the Delta, Mississippi or American Queen, and enjoy a leisurely and picturesque cruise down the old man river.

Let’s not forget shopping in New Orleans. The French Quarter gives you a rich palette of choices. Whatever you’re looking for, from antiques to Mardi Gras masks and costumes, to specially made exotic perfumes, you’ll find it here. Right around the corner is the French Market, where there’s every kind of food imaginable, and from all over the world. You’ll discover other “stuff” too, like cheap watches, used books, feather dusters, lots of mysterious voodoo love potions, jewelry galore, and maybe even a bit of fairy dust, too!

Magazine Street is another prime shopping stop, all 60 blocks of it. What you won’t find anywhere else in New Orleans you’re certain to find here. Make sure you’re wearing sturdy and comfortable shoes as you trek from antique to flower shop and on down the street to that dusty-looking ancient book boutique!

A New Orleans tour wouldn’t be complete without Mardi Gras. January 6 - March 7 is known as the Mardi Gras season, the time of year where the fun really revs into high octane gear. Join the parties, the carnivals, the masked balls, all the non-stop good times that finally culminate on March 7, Mardi Gras Day!

What about after Mardi Gras? Don’t worry. New Orleans is host literally dozens more soirees and festivals highlighting the city’s rich cultural history and heritage, her music, and her food. To bring the year to a festive conclusion there’s the New Orleans Christmas, celebrated with caroling, holiday teas and sumptuous plantation dinners, levee bonfires and, best of all, special holiday hotel rates.

New Orleans -- the city where the fun never stops! The people who live, work and play there guarantee it. If you want to find out for yourself, head to the deep south and take that first tantalizing taste of New Orleans for yourself. You won’t be disappointed and keep going back for more!