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If you’ve had enough of the sand and surf, you should take some time out to check out the rest of what Maui has to offer. There are plenty of museums and gardens on the island that showcase all of Maui’s heritage, culture and history. Here is a list of the different museums and gardens on Maui and where you can find them.

• Lahaina Arts Society. This is a place that has two galleries showcasing the Hawaiian cultures throughout history, including arts and crafts. You can call this museum and association at 661-0111.
• Maui Historical Society. This is part of the Hale Hoikeke Museum. Here you can learn about the history of Maui County and all of Hawaii. They also have occasional lecturers here. 244-3326.
• Hale Hoikeke Museum. This is an art museum that focuses on artifacts and paintings from periods throughout Hawaii’s history. You can visit this museum at 2375 A Main in Wailuku. 244-3326.
• Baldwin House. This is a historical home in Lahaina. You can tour this home. It’s the former home of Dwight Baldwin, who was a famous missionary to the island. It’s on Front Street. 661-3262.
• Helani Gardens. This is a 70-acre garden just outside of Hana. It’s a garden area that you can drive through and take a tour of the gorgeous scenery on your own. It’s open every day.
• Kula Botanical Gardens. There are plenty of the most gorgeous plants and flowers you’d ever find in Hawaii. To get there you should take Highway 377 to Upper Kula Road. 878-1715.
• Hana Cultural Center. This is a center that is home to some Hawaiian artifacts and documents that are key to the history of Hawaii. You can write the center to learn more at Box 27, Hana. 248-8070.