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The ancient Egyptians believed that their dead souls traveled to another world during the day and then returned to their bodies at night time. In order for the person’s spirit to live forever, it had to be able to recognise and return to its body. Therefore, mummification guaranteed eternal life for the spirit.

It has always fascinated me that a culture so seemingly obsessed with death, such as the Egyptians were, could drink in life with such gusto. Even in death, the Egyptians adored life and celebrated it in all its glory.

The region in Egypt were the largest amount of mummies have been unearthed is near Luxor at the Tombs of the Nobles, the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings. Although the actual tombs can still be seen in all their ancient glory, the mummies themselves have long since been removed.

Museums all over the world play host to the remains of the pharaohs and their people, including the Egyptian museum in Cairo. The special exhibit of the mummies in the Egyptian museum is a definite must see – pay the extra couple of Egyptian pounds with a smile - the ancients will reward you for your persistence.

One of the most famous inhabitants of the Valley of the Kings is Tutankhamun, although I honestly feel that there are more impressive tombs in the valley. Most of the rich contents of his tomb can be seen in the Egyptian museum.

Aside from the famous Valley of the Kings, some in Egypt feel that the Pyramids at Giza are also tombs of the pharaohs. New theories suggest otherwise and once you’ve seen the pyramids you will feel that they are too breathtaking and mysterious to class with all the other tombs in Egypt.

A little know fact is that Egypt actually has many more than just the famous three pyramids – there are over a hundred pyramids throughout Egypt.

The best example (although it is no comparison to the Great Pyramid) of actual pyramid tombs can be seen at Saqqara, near Cairo. Various periods are represented here, so it acts almost like a continual timeline of the Egyptian culture during the Old Kingdom from 2705 to 2155 BC. This area also contains the Step Pyramid of King Zoser of the 27th Century BC. It is said to be the first proper pyramid built in Egypt, although this is a highly contentious issue, as you will discover.

The best way to experience Egypt’s tombs and mummies is to book a package tour through a reliable travel agent. Not only is this the most hassle-free way to travel in this magnificent country, it is also by far the most cost-effective. These packages include guided tours of all of Egypt’s wonders.

While you are in Cairo to visit the Egyptian museum, remember to set a side a good amount of time to shop at the Khan El-Khalili bazaar and take in the myriad of cultures of Cairo.

It is important for all of us to know where we come from and a visit to Egypt is like going back to your roots – it gives you a sense of perspective and belonging in an otherwise crazy world.