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The Mulu National Park in Malaysia is a main attraction of the town Sarawak. The park is home to naturists and adventurers who enjoy jungle hiking and mountain climbing. The park has many species of plants including wild orchids and over 60 species of mammals and over 200 types of birds. Also in the park are some fascinating limestone caves. The world’s largest cave passage can be found here (the Deer Cave) as can the largest natural rock chamber (the Sarawak Chamber) and the Clearwater Cave, the longest cave system in South-East Asia.

The Deer Cave stands at 1000 meters wide and 120 meters high. It was first recorded in 1980. The 60 meters high ‘shower’ pouring from the roof of the cave is just one of the many spectacular views within the cave itself. When it was first discovered it was found to be 700 meters long, an average of 300 meters wide and approximately 70 meters high.

The deepest cave is the Gouffre Jean Bernard Cave found in the French Alps. It reaches approximately 1494 meters below the surface.

On a five-day expedition in 1982, the Groupe Speleo Vulcain set a new world depth record for cavers. Their route led them into a series of descending passages. The final cave was recorded as being the deepest. France is also home to many other deep caves. The Gouffre Berger Caves in Grenoble are 1.1 kilometres deep. Gouffre de la Pierre Saint-Martin in the Pyrenees is now known to be 1350 meters deep.

The second deepest cave is now recorded to be the Snezhnaya Cave in the USSR. Explorers have reached 1350 meters down. The hunt is still on to find a cave larger and deeper than the Deer Cave and the Gouffre Jean Bernard Cave.

Stalactites hang down from the cave roofs. They are formed from the water saturated with calcium dripping from the cave roof. The large formations have probably been built up over several thousands of years as they grow very slowly indeed.

The largest stalactite is supported by a wall that hangs down 59 meters from the roof of the Cueva de Nerja in Malaga, Spain. The cave was said to have been discovered by a shepherd boy looking for his last ball. It has now been adapted into an underground auditorium for ballets.

The longest free-standing stalactite hangs down seven meters in the Poll an Ionain cave in County Clare, Ireland.