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Mt. Shasta, although not the tallest mountain in California, nonetheless has long been enveloped in an air of mystery and legend. At 14,162 feet, Mt. Shasta is a majestic volcano which has lain dormant for hundreds of years. Jutting out of the Cascade Range in upper Northern California, Mt. Shasta is situated in the largest zone of volcanoes in the world called the Pacific Ring of Fire. 75% of the world's volcanoes lie in this ring which spans the globe from Alaska to South America, circling the Pacific Ocean, heading north through Japan and back to Alaska. While Mt. Rainier is the tallest volcano in the 48 contiguous United States, Mt. Shasta, about 250 feet shorter, is much more massive.

Approximately 20,000 tourists visit Mt. Shasta each year, and about 15,000 of these visitors attempt to conquer the mountain by reaching its summit. Reaching the summit of Mt. Shasta is a monumental achievement, and not for the casual inexperienced hiker. While many beginners have reached the summit, it is because they were prepared beforehand and had good knowledge of what to expect. Only a third of the climbers ever reach the top; there is at least one death per year and many more injuries because these climbers are unaware and unprepared for the actual details of the climb. Even first timers who take the easiest and most traveled route need ice axes and crampons year-round. While the hike can be done in one day, it is usually broken up into two days, especially by less experienced hikers. Every hiker must obtain a permit and pay several fees just to go up the mountain. It is suggested that if you are planning on making this trip, be sure to get a good guidebook or consult any of a number of Mt. Shasta climb websites. This is one hike that requires preparation and a foreknowledge of the climb.

For those not interested in attempting the summit, there are a variety of other activities on and around the mountain. Rock climbing, easy and intermediate day hikes, river rafting, skiing, bicycle riding, fishing and panning for gold are some of the activities in which you can participate.

Although many people are attracted to Mt. Shasta for the adventurous climbs and other activities, there is another group of people who hear the call of the mountain in a different way. These travelers come seeking spiritual rejuvenation, healing and transformation. Mt. Shasta has been called California's "Mystic Mountain", and has gotten the name from the people who strongly believe that there is a subterranean world underneath Mt. Shasta, populated by extraterrestrials called Telosians.

Many people have professed to have been literally "called" to the Mt. Shasta region by a being named Adama, the high priest of Telos (the subterranean city within Mt. Shasta). They say that the Telosians have a huge fleet of spaceships called the Silver Fleet, which moves in and out of Mt. Shasta frequently. Photos have been taken of distinct cloud formations and other phenomena in the skies above the majestic mountain. There are many personal accounts from travelers who claim to have been invited inside the mountain to meet the Telosians, which are multi-dimensional beings who live and work from inside the mountain, monitoring events around the globe.

Others have told of a beautiful black panther that prowls the meadows and campgrounds of Mt. Shasta. It is said she is not a mortal being, but a being of light disguised as a female panther. She is not said to be aggressive, and is believed to be a companion to the "Ascended Masters," who are beings of light in another dimension.