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The people of Molokai are truly unique. While the residents of the other Hawaiian islands have a good mixture of people of other cultures, the people of Molokai are still largely Hawaiian. That’s because Molokai does not offer as many outside opportunities as other islands do. The pineapple crop on this island has not been doing as well in recent years, and tourism is by far the big industry there. Nearly 50 percent of all residents of Molokai are Hawaiian. One-quarter of the residents are Filipino. The others are made up of Whites, Japanese, and Chinese.
Most people on Molokai do some hunting, fishing and growing. They don’t really have a lot of things. And that is difficult for some of them to handle at times. It wouldn’t bother them as much, if they didn’t see a lot of high-class people coming to their island day after day and week after week as a vacation getaway. If they didn’t see what other people have, they probably wouldn’t notice as much that they don’t have as much. But sometimes this bothers them. That’s why if you happen to run into some natives of Molokai, you should be considerate of their needs. If they’re happy, greet them with a smile; and if they’re upset, take care not to start any negative discussions.
The people of Molokai aren’t criminals. The crime rate here is incredibly low. You shouldn’t have to worry about having anything stolen by the residents. You actually risk more by worrying about the tourists. But the natives are overall good people. The big crime in the area is underage drinking. But that’s mainly because there’s so little for young people to do there. Yes, they take up the traditional water sports and hunting and fishing, but when it comes to hanging out with friends, many teenagers find a way to get alcohol. Teenage pregnancy is also high here. And that’s again because people are bored. Drug use, again, is something that runs rampant among the people of Molokai.