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The Hawaiian island of Molokai has an interesting history. For a long time people who were settling different islands of Hawaii avoided Molokai because it didn’t look like it was worth stopping there. Captain James Cook, who in the late 1700s stopped and discovered many of the Hawaiian islands for the rest of the world, bypassed the island and went on to other things because he didn’t think much of what he saw on Molokai. It wasn’t officially discovered for another eight years when Captain George Dixon landed on the island.
However, Molokai has been inhabited since ancient times. The Halawa Valley is actually one of the oldest settlements in all of the Hawaiian islands. This first settlement was on the eastern edge of the island. Some historians agree that some people from the Marquesas Islands actually were the first to land on Malakai, and that was in the middle of the seventh century.
There has always been quite a bit of mythology and mysticism surrounding the island of Molokai. It had long been a place associated with death and evilness. That could be because it never looked as if anyone ever had lived there. The only inhabitants were birds and plenty of tree and plant life.
In the late 1700s Kamehameha conquered the island and claimed it as his own. The chief of the other Hawaiian islands brought his tough warriors on canoes to attack the people of Molokai. The people of Molokai tried to fight back, but failed miserably. The warriors killed the Molokai fighters and put their bodies in the Pacific Ocean. The people of Molokai saw what happened and succumbed to Kamehameha. They went back into seclusion on the island to their lives of farming and fishing.
Today, several major hotel chains have moved onto the island, and the island is more settled and secure than it ever has been. Different major companies have tried coming in to produce various products, but none have seemed to work out.