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Molokai can be a great place to vacation. It’s an island part of the U.S. state of Hawaii. You may have no trouble getting there, but have questions about how to get around when you’re on the island. It’s not very large of an island but it’s large enough that you do need some form of transportation while you’re on the island. Here are some tips on getting around on Molokai.

• The best way to get around is to rent a car. It really isn’t all that expensive when you think of the convenience. When you need to go somewhere, you don’t need to try to get someone to take you somewhere, you can save yourself time and simply drive there yourself. There are a couple different rental services on the island. You’ll want to check out Tropical Rental Car (567-6118), Dollar Rent A Car (567-6156), and Avid (553-3866). Typically you can rent a car at one of these places for about $30 a day.
• Hotel Transportation. There is one hotel shuttle that runs from Hoolehua Airport to the complex of the Kaluakoi Hotel. It’s Rare Adventures Ltd. The shuttle runs every hour, and it costs $6 to ride it one way. You can reach this company by calling 552-2622.
• Hitchhiking. Hitchhiking is illegal in Hawaii, but the natives don’t mind giving you a ride if you need one. Don’t put your thumb in the air like a normal hitchhiker, however. Just stand on the road facing oncoming traffic, stand there, and smile. The locals will know that you need a ride. Don’t be concerned about the traditional worries of hitchhiking, the locals are nice people.
• Take a guided tour. There are plenty of companies willing to give you a lift around town. If you don’t want to rent a car, but still want to see the island, perhaps this is the way to go. The tour companies include: Molokai Wagon Ride (567-6773) and Roberts Hawaii (552-2988).