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If you want to see the Hawaiian island of Molokai and learn all about what the island has to offer, it’s as simple as finding the right tour company to show you around the island. Here are some tips when finding the guided tours that are right for you.

• Rent a car. If you’ve decided to rent a car, you can most easily go see the different sites on the island and spend as much time as you’d like at each location. You can get plenty of brochures about different areas at your hotel or at the visitor’s bureau.
• Roberts Hawaii. This is a tour guide company that offers day-long tours around the island. You need to book your reservations for this company two days ahead of time to ensure a spot on the tour. You can reach them by calling 552-2988.
• Molokai Wagon Ride. This is an afternoon-long tour of Molokai that you can enjoy. These are fairy rides from Maui that take you to Molokai. The tour starts and ends at a nice little-known beach near Route 46. This is a neat tour to take because they offer you food and live entertainment while you enjoy your trek around the island. This tour costs about $25 per person and runs several times throughout the afternoon. This is a wagon ride, so be ready for a truly unique experience.
• Helicopter flights. One truly amazing way to tour the island of Molokai is to do so via helicopter. There is one company that provides helicopter tours and allows you to see the island from above. The best helicopter tour company is Papillion Helicopters. This company is on Maui, but you can reach them at 669-4884. You’ll feel the pinch in your wallet when you choose this method of touring, but it will be a memorable experience. The flights cost about $180 per person.
• The best thing for you to do when trying to determine which tour you should take is to first determine what you want to see on the island and how you want to see it. Then find a tour to match your needs.