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One of the anchors of the Baltimore Inner Harbor area is the Maryland Science Center. Home of the Davis Planetarium and an Imax Theater, the science center also houses three floors of exhibits, which change at regular intervals during the year. Some of the permanent exhibits include the 500,000-volt static electricity generator, the optical and magnetic experimentation room, and the Hubbell Telescope space exhibit. Part of this exhibit includes Space Link, which provides up to date science and astronomy information to the public and to the Maryland State school system.

Designed to be an educational experience for all ages, the center provides a hands-on environment where experimentation is encouraged, and in many times actively encouraged by the center’s staff. For those who want to take a little science home with them, the gift shop provides a wide variety of interesting and entertaining items for all ages. You can even visit all day, since there is a family style restaurant/ice cream parlor in the building.

There is a handicap accessible entrance off the back of the Science Center and they have elevators as well as stairs to transport you from floor to floor.

During the summer time, the center runs special programs for children for several hours a day. On the fourth of July, the Center throws a special party on the rooftop for their subscribed membership. They have music and you get to see the fireworks go off from a barge at the Inner Harbor.

No matter what time of year you visit Baltimore, the Maryland Science Center is open.