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Malta is a small group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Although small, it is a country with a very active music scene.

As children, most Maltese get tuition in music theory or in a particular instrument. As teens they aspire to become great musicians and many form a band. The most popular genres with teen musicians seem to be rock and metal and lately also doom and some gothic. There has also been a rise in dance and techno.

Although the last couple of years have been quiet on the music front, it seems as though many bands were practicing in their garage. As the year 2000 approached, we saw many comebacks and also debuts of new talent. The Rock Cafe is holding a concert almost every weekend and the place is packed and rocking.

There is also the other type of musicians who each year wait for the Eurovision Song Contest. Although small as compared to other European countries, Malta has had entries which placed high in the competition although they have never won it yet.

Even TV shows are giving more and more importance to the music scene, inviting bands to perform live and holding interviews with band members.

Everyone interested in music is eager to see what the future will hold; hopefully music will stay on the rise.