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This is a spot on the Hawaiian island of Maui that is like no other. It is an old cowboy town and has lots of rodeos, hitching posts, and other cowboy novelties. The town offers plenty to see and do during your trip here. Here are some of the sights you don’t want to miss.

• Maui Roping Club. Because this is a cowboy town, of course there are plenty of rodeos here each year. You’ll want to visit the rodeo club and find out when the next rodeo is. Perhaps it’s during your trip. Rodeos generally start in the early spring and end with the biggest rodeo of them all on the 4th of July.
• Sugar Mill. This is where sugar is made on the island of Maui. It’s near Baldwin Avenue. You can check out this place. After all, Hawaii is known for its sugar cane plantations.
• Makawao Union Church. This is a mansion made of stone and is a sight you don’t want to miss. The beautiful stained glass windows are amazing. It’s right along Baldwin Avenue.
• Holy Rosary Church. This is a church that’s right along Baldwin Avenue, as well. This church houses a sculpture of Father Damien of the Lepers. It’s worth checking out.
• Houses in town. Makawao is such a unique town, you want to be sure to take it all in. Be sure to go down Route 36 through Kokomo and take Kapakilui Road. There lots of horses out this way with their ranches and little houses that are quite special. You can definitely tell a difference between the old and new houses in Maui. Note how times have changed here.
• Kitada’s. This is a restaurant in town that you will certainly want to try. They make great saimin. Many locals go here and it’s fairly inexpensive. This restaurant also acts as a gallery of sorts, as the owner has hung some interesting Hawaiian artwork on the walls. This restaurant is right across from a more extravagant steak house in downtown Makawao.
• Makawao Steak House. This is the best restaurant in town. The locals and tourists alike go here. It’s casual attire and worth checking out. You can reach them at 572-8711.