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Is there anything out there? That's a question that has haunted man for almost as long as we have been a species. In our Milky Way galaxy alone there are countless billions of stars and planets. For thousands of years we thought that the universe revolved around us and that we were the center, now as it has long since been determined, we are only an average sized planet in an average solar system.

Life on earth occurs everywhere, from bacteria that live in volcanoes to microorganisms that live in sea vents on the oceans floor. Life has a way of flourishing under even the harshest conditions such as the sea floor where hot water from magma just below the surface heats the water to the boiling point, yet life still is able to take hold.

If you were to take an arbitrary number of perhaps 200 billion planets in our galaxy then say that only one out of a million was habitable and out of that hundred or so million say only one percent had the possibility of life then there could still be ten to thirty million planets with life just in our own immediate galaxy, that doesn't even take into account all the galaxies in the universe.

Another possibility that is mind bending in itself is the possibility that we may be only one of many universes, there may actually be universes that either surround or are next to or even occupy the exact same space as our own galaxy.

If we think that we are the only planet with life then we have put ourselves on a pedestal and declared that nothing else is possible. Everyday more and more is being found out about our home planet. Is it so impossible to say that there could possibly be life elsewhere, even if there are only one or two other planets like ours in the entire galaxy, that could sustain life.

The only real question that we have to ask is when will we find that species of interstellar life to prove that we are not alone. It could take thousands of years or it could happen tomorrow, until it does there will always be that nagging doubt about the existence of other forms of life. If we were today to find even a primitive form of mold on mars it would still be life found and we could say that we had found the big "It."