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Lanai is not a very big island and is fairly exclusive. So how do you find a place to stay on such a secluded place? Well, there are actually some pretty good hotels and other accommodations on the island. Here is a list of some of the places you can stay on your visit to Lanai.

• Camping. If you don’t live on the island, you can certainly camp there. But the only official and permitted place for people who don’t live on the island to camp is at a place called Hulopoe Bay. This camping is taken care of by the Koele Company. There are six different campsites there and you need to have reservations. Camping is inexpensive, as you only need to pay a one-time registration fee of $5. For more information, call or write to Koele Company, Box L, Lanai City, Lanai, HI 96763. 565-6661.
• The Lanai Bucks Hunting Lodge. This lodge is an inexpensive place where you can hang out for a few days if you want. You can get a dorm-type room for $25 a night. With that price, you may use the kitchen all you want. If you want more information or want to make reservations, contact Gwendolyn Kaniho, Box 879, Lanai City, Lanai, HI 96763.
• Hotel Lanai. This had been the only hotel on the island until just a few years ago. Dole Pineapple owns this hotel. Rates for a room at this hotel are quite reasonable, ranging from $50 to $70. 565-7211.
• Lanai Realty. This is the main house rental realty company on the island. If you’re planning an extended trip to the island, this may be the best way for you to go. The houses are furnished and rent by the day , week or month. The prices vary depending on how long you’d be staying there and how extravagant the house is, but the costs range from $95-$250 a day, $500-$1400 a week and $1900-$5000 a month. Contact Lanai Realty, Box 67, Lanai City, Hawaii 96763. 565-6597.
• The Lodge at Koele. This is a luxury lodge and includes plenty of high-class amenities for its guests. You can rent a room for $250 to $450 a night. 565-7245.