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Lahaina is the town on Maui that is the most electric. There is always something to do, and there are always plenty of tourists and locals around to party and have a good time. Lahaina is on the western end of the island and is known for its great surfing sights. Here is a list of the best sights and beaches in Lahaina and what you need to know about them.

• The Courthouse. This was built in the mid 1800s and has served as a police station, jail and justice system for the island. It was built out of blocks of coral that were used in Kamehameha III’s palace. Now, the courthouse is actually an art museum, where you can see old Hawaiian artifacts and artwork. The pieces are kept behind bars and you have to look through the bars to see them. The Courthouse is on Wharf Street.
• The Carthaginian II. This is a recreation of the ships that used to bring goods to and from Maui and other locations across the Pacific Ocean. This repica was built in 1920 in Germany and is a museum today. You can see it in Lahaina for a small fee.
• Baldwin Home. This is the historic home of a famous missionary. He was the first doctor and dentist in Hawaii. You can tour this shrine daily for a small fee.
• Hale Pa’ahao. This is the oldest jail in Lahaina. It’s on Prison Street, oddly enough. The cells have been rebuilt and you can now tour this jail for free.
• Wahikuli State Beach. This beach is between Lahaina and Kaanapali on Route 30. It’s great for families because it’s kind of quiet and out of the way. This is where many locals go to swim. This is a fairly clean and nice beach.
• Puamana Beach. This is about two miles east of Lahaina on Route 30. The atmosphere here is gorgeous, and you can swim and snorkel here if you want.
• Lahaina Beach. This beach is on the west end of town and is a good place for people looking for a quiet vacation because the water is clean and fairly shallow.