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Kula has quite a bit of what you need in order to provide yourself with the ultimate Hawaiian experience. Kula will show you truly what life is like in Hawaii. Kula is upcountry on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Kula is along Route 377. Here are some of the sights you don’t want to miss when you’re on Maui.

• Pukalani. This is a good place to get gas and any supplies you might need. There’s an inexpensive shopping mall here where you can get anything you may need.
• Hawaii Protea Corporation. This is a flower lover’s dream. Here, you can buy any kind of protea’s that you could ever want or need. You can bring them with you or even have some shipped back to your friends and families. You aren’t required to make a purchase; many people walk through the store just to see all the flowers. They’re somewhat expensive, starting at $30. This shop is on Route 377 just past Kimo Drive. It’s open any weekday. 367-8047.
• Kula Lodge. This is a nice place you can stay to get a down-home feel of what life is like in Hawaii. All rooms here have great views of this part of Maui. You’ll pay $80-140 per room. This lodge is right next door to the Hawaii Protea Corporation. 878-1535.
• Kula Botanica Gardens. You can give yourself a tour of some of the most beautiful flower gardens on Maui. There’s a nominal fee to walk through the gardens. These gardens are right south of Kula on Route 377. 878-1715.
• Tedeschi Winery. This is a great place to spend an afternoon. See how this Hawaiian wine is made and even sample some. The Tedeschi Winery is south of Kula on Route 37.
• Poli poli State Park. This is a great place to go for a mountain walk. There are a couple trails you can follow through the Maui woods and mountains. You’ll see trees ranging from eucalyptus to cypress to redwoods.