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North Kohala is rich with history and gorgeous places to stay and retreat. This is the original home of Kamehameha the Great. This is the spot where he plotted his conquer of all the islands. Here is a list of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in North Kohala.

• Kamehameha's birthplace. If you head toward the Upolu airport, you'll come across the birthplace of the great leader Kamehameha. The name of the spot is Kamehameha Akahi Aina Hanau. He was born here about 1752 and grew up here.

• Kamehameha Statue. This is a monument right in front of the Kapaau courthouse. The original statue was bronzed in Paris, France, for $10,000 years ago. On its way back, it sunk in the Faulkan Islands. This is the replacement. It was commissioned by King Kalakaua in 1878.

• Kamehameha County Park. This is a park that's open to the publica and offers free sports and swimming areas to anyone wanting them. You are also encouraged to picnic here.

• Keokea Beach Park. This is quite an amazing beach that you certainly won't want to miss. Few people use the beach during the week, but it's a popular retreat for the locals on the island. This is not a good swimming location, because of the rocky shores, but is a great place to hang out in a nice beach area.

• Bond Homestead. This is the area that used to be a Kohala Girls School. This was once a missionary estate and is preserved by the Bond Family. You can tour the home here or just the grounds. This is a great place to learn about the rich history of the area.

• Kapaa Beach Park. This is a secluded spot on the island that offers a great view of Maui and of the Pacific Ocean. It's a great place for both fishing and for enjoying the view. You'll want to be sure to include this spot on your tour of the area.