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If you’re going to be staying on the eastern part of Maui, you will certainly want to spend some time in Kihei. This is a nice town that has minimal construction, but has some extraordinary sights. Here are some of the sights and beaches you won’t want to miss when you visit Kihei on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

• The shores of Kihei. The shores themselves are a point of note in this town. War canoes for Hawaii have arrived home many times from battles over the years. This is a historical site.
• A Maui Lu Totem Pole. This marks the spot where Captain George Vancouver landed to use the island of Maui as a good landing spot for his troops. The totem pole is right across from the Maui Lu hotel.
• Kalama Beach Park. This is a great place for onshore fun. Many people come here to play tennis, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and then to barbecue lunch or dinner. There is plenty of room for everybody. This park is in the middle of Kihei.
• Maalaea Beach. This is a large beach that provide great winds for windsurfing. The winds are strong here, so few people come here to hang out on the beach. But if you’re into windsurfing, this is your place. This beach is between Maalaea and Kihei on Route 31.
• Kaonouluulu Beach. This is a good place for good swimming. This is a small beach and has plenty of facilities for picnicking or getting some sun.
• Mai Poine Oe Lau Beach. This is a good place for swimming and windsurfing. You need to know that the winds here are generally calm, except for most early afternoons when the wind picks up for the surfers. This beach is right in front of the Maui Lu Hotel.
• Kamaole Beaches. These are a series of beaches near the south part of Kihei. They have great sand and provide a good place for swimming and snorkeling. This is also a good area for bodysurfing.