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Many people would not consider going to Kennedy Space Center in Florida unless there was a space launch scheduled. Truth be told though, if one tries to time their visit to a space launch, they will certainly be disappointed. Weather conditions and equipment readiness often postpone a scheduled launch for hours, days, and sometimes weeks. It is wiser to visit the Center and tour the beautiful area at a time convenient to you.
Kennedy Space Center is the hub of our country's space program. 35 years ago our country successfully sent astronauts to walk on the moon. Visitors to the Space Center can relive this time. Spacecraft, astronaut apparel, IMAX movies and videos, and a simulated launch take the adult visitor back to this exciting time. Children will be amazed at how far our country has come in space travel in such a short time.

The Vehicle Assembly Building is accessible to the public (who purchase badges at the beginning of their visit) and provides interesting insight as to the monumental job of designing and building spacecraft is. The Observation Gantry allows visitors to view the impressive launch pads and be briefed on the behind-the-scenes doings of the Center.

The International Space Center, getting readied for launch in the next year or two, is also accessible to the public. Viewing this huge project is a unique opportunity for those of all ages to see exactly what goes into such a project.

Kennedy Space Center is such an interesting and educational place, it should be on country-trotting families' short lists for fun vacations!It is an entire day of interest, and a blast to the past for baby boomer parents!