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Kaunolu is a village sitting at the southwestern tip of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. It’s known for it’s fishing waters across the island. Over the years the natives of Lanai have used Kaunolu as a place to escape the day’s tribulations and go on a Kaunolu fishing expedition. But there is plenty else to see in this small town. Here is a list of the sights of Kaunlou that you won’t want to miss.

• Kahikili’s Leap. This is an area that includes Kaneapua Rock, a large rock that overlooks the sea. The Rock drops some 100 feet down to the water. The leap is named after a chief of Lanai. This is the spot where Kamehameha’s soldiers leapt into the water when they were told to do so for betraying Kamehameha or causing other problems. The water is shallow here.
• Halulu Heiau. This is one of the most gorgeous sights in all of Hawaii. If you are at the east bank of Kaunolu, climb somewhat inland to the remains of Halulu Heiau. The spot is surrounded by cliffs on three sides, that tower thousands of feet above sea level, and the ocean on the fourth. This is truly a breathtaking sight and one you won’t want to miss in Kaunolu.
• Petroglyphs. These are rocks that are shaped like figures. It’s truly a unique experience. If you walk inland from Kaneapua Rock, you’ll see a large pile of rocks that are stick figures. This is a sight that has a very masculine feel. You’re sure to feel some sort of emotion here.
• Kamehameha’s House. This is truly an important part of Hawaiian history. This is in downtown Kaunolu. All that’s there now is a pile of rocks. Kamehameha was not well liked, as he was said to be more of a dictator than a democratic leader. Natives say the house had been destroyed over time out of disrespect for Kamehameha.