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If you’re visiting the island of Molokai, you want to see all you can see to take in the finer points of the island. While you’re in Kaunakakai, you need to visit the places that will help you understand the history and culture of the island. Here are some tips on some things you need to see and do while you’re in Kaunakakai in Hawaii.

• The Kaunakakai pineapple wharf. This is the big place where pineapple is grown on the island. The Dole pineapple company once came to the island and tried to grow pineapple everywhere on the island, but failed. There are still plenty of pineapple wharfs across the area. You should take a stroll through the wharf. Feel free to pick a pineapple and have a taste. You’ll be impressed.
• Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove. This is a beautiful coconut grove about a mile outside of town. This is sort of like a park where people can walk through and enjoy the scenery while they sample some amazing coconuts. You can actually camp here if you’d like. It will cost $5 a day, but is worth it if you can do it.
• Kaunakakai Churches. There are several churches lined up next to one another across the road from the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove. These churches received a grant from the Hawaiian Homelands that indicated that churches can be built in that area as long as the congregations have a minimum number of members with Hawaiian blood.
• Kalokoeli Pond. This is a pond along Route 450 which is a great fishing area. Molokai is actually known for its fishing ponds. The locals made these ponds and put fish there, so they could get fresh fish easily whenever they wanted it. It’s easy to fish there. The pond is about two miles east of Kaunakakai.
• Restaurants. There are plenty of places to eat in this town, and there are a few that are especially noteworthy. The Hotel Molokai provides some pretty good chicken or fish and offers a great bar area that will give you any drink you’d want. The Pau Hana Inn offers great meals that would include traditional American dishes and island seafood.