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While you're in Kau on the Big Island of Hawaii, you'll certainly want to know where the good places to visit are. Here is a list of some of the good places to stay, eat and shop in Kau.

• Seamountain Resort. This hotel/condominium is a great location for the money. You'll find it in Pahala, and you can stay here for $60-$120 a night, depending on how deluxe of a room you want. This is the nicest hotel in town, and you'll see why when you stay here. 928-8301.

• Shirakawa Motel. This is a small motel that has been open since the early 1900s. A Japanese family owns and runs the motel. You can stay here for $20-30 a night. 929-7462.

• Maluhia Acres. This is a terrific bed and breakfast in Kapaa. You'll spend between $40 and $70 a night, and will be sure to enjoy your time here. 822-7771.

• South Point Bar and Restaurant. This restaurant serves fresh seafood, mainly, and offers good food at a reasonable price. You'll find it just south of town.

• Kau Ice and Fishing Center. Here, you can make your own meal You can pick up your own supplies at a general store and can buy some fresh fish at the center. 929-7223.

• Naalehu Fruit Stand. This is a local favorite that serves fresh fruit, sandwiches and pizza. You can get fruit that is locally grown here and is a great place for lunch. 929-9009.

• Punaluu Black Sands Restaurant. This restaurant just off the Seamountain Golf Course offers some great scenery and some good food. This eatery is usually pretty crowded. It overlooks the golf course and a gorgeous black-sand beach. 928-8344.

• Big Island Expressions. This art store is a great place to sample the work of local artists. It's three miles east of Naalehu.

• Naalehu Shopping Center. This shopping center is just outside of the west end of town. If you need to pick up some toiletries or other products, this is a good place to do this. It also offers a small restaurant that has
pretty good food.