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If you're looking for a good island to participate in sports, this would be probably your best choice. There are all types of fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, and plenty of water sports at your fingertips. You can even ride a horse along the beach and then spend the rest of the day relaxing under the sun. Here are some of the beaches on Kauai.

• Poipu Beach. This is the most popular beach on the island. It's along the southern end of the island, and is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, and bodysurfing.

• Lumahai Beach. This beach is along the eastern side of the island. It has pure white sand and provides the perfect scene with a nearby cliff and jungle.

• Kee Beach. This beach has offers good swimming and snorkeling. This beach is at the bottom of the Na Pali cliffs.

• Hanamaulu Beach. This beach is among the most secluded spots on the island. It offers camping and picnicking sites as well as some snorkeling. It's along the eastern coast of Kauai.

• Anahola Beach. This is near the end of Anahola Bay. This is a great place to swim, as long as you don't swim out too far. There is a strong undercurrent that can be dangerous the farther away from shore you get. This
is a good place for camping and picnicking, as well.

• Pakala Beach. This beach along the southern coast of Kauai offers great surfing conditions. You can snorkel and swim here, but most people come here to surf. You can also hang out here to watch the surfers.

• Polihale Beach. This is a good place for a beautiful walk along the shore and to see some nice cliffs. You likely won't want to swim here, because the surf is way to high for that.

• Kekaha Beach. This is one of the largest beaches on the island. It's great for just about any water sport you'd want to participate in: snorkeling, swimming, surfing, whatever you want to do.