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If you're looking for relaxation, peace and quiet, and breathtaking sites, the Island of Kauai has it all. Since Captain James Cook's discovery of Hawaii at Waimea Bay in 1778, Kauai has still been able to maintain its country existence. Visitors come from the outer islands, and from other countries around the globe. Movie directors capture scenes and place them as settings for their blockbusters. Yet, Kauai remains the same.

Kauai's majestic mountains, waterfalls, beachs and streams have made it a most sought after place for movie locations such as: "White heat", "South Pacific", Elvis Presley's, "Blue Hawaii", Frank Sinatra's ,"None But the Brave", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Jurassic Park", "Flipper", "WaterWorld" ,"Mighty Joe Young", and more.

The Na Pali Coast is a 15-mile stretch that can only be seen by boat, helicopter or on a rugged hike along its coastline. But an unforgettable site to behold. There are countless waterfalls that cascade down razor-sharp cliffs. Ancient Hawaiians were isolated and protected from invasion as they farmed and fished within the folds of these cliffs.

In Hanalei, on the North Shore, you will find shadowy mountains, lush valleys, and spectacular coastlines. Here you will find the Wet & Dry Caves. Two caves walking distance from each other. The Dry Cave a magnificent space gutted out from the mountain, by thousands of years of wind & rain, where Ancient Hawaiians lived protected from the wet mountain weather. The Wet Cave having an underwater stream flowing into inner caves going deep into the mountain. On the surface of it, grows a green algae, that creates the illusion that the water itself is green.

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is home to nesting seabirds and a 1913 lighthouse where you can sometimes view magnificent humpback whales leaping into the air. Mother whales calve and nurse their babies and other adults breed in Hawaii's warm waters. They're here for the winter from Alaskan summer feeding grounds.

Fern Grotto, "The Wettest Spot on Earth" can be accessed via the Wailua River boat rides or by kayaks. It is a mammoth lava cave, curtained with cascading ferns in a cool, lush tropical hideaway. Near here is the spectacular Wailua Falls. Drive further and you will see Opaekaa Falls, a wide double waterfall, so named for the abundant supply of Opae (shrimp) found in its depths.

One of the most scenic drives in the state is up Kokee Road. At the top you will be able to look down into the Waimea Canyon, nicknamed "the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.". It is 10 miles long, a mile wide and over 3,600 feet deep. This mammoth chasm struts its rainbow of red, purple, green and blue as you ascend into a blanket of cottony clouds. Take a deep breath of crisp, fresh air. View the twin streams flowing at the very bottom.

Here and there are small towns between areas of scenic resorts, golf courses, shopping malls & restaurants. Poipu & Nawiliwili being wonderful spots to relax and enjoy with the whole family.

But all in all, Kauai is definitely considered , "Country Living at its Best".