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If you’ve indulged yourself in all the excitement and thrills that abound in Waikiki and need a place to get away for a few hours, you should definitely seek out Kapiolani Park. It’s a park that’s not too far from Diamond Head, and is just outside of Waikiki. The park boasts 140 acres of greenery and is a great place to relax and get away from everything exciting about the nearby town.
Kapiolani Park is named after Queen Kapiolani. She was the wife of King Kalakaua, who donated this section of land to the people of Honolulu in 1877. He requested that it be named after his wife, and it was. In the early days of Honolulu, the park was used for many car and horse races and polo games. And in the early 1900s, Kapiolani Park was the home of Hawaii’s U.S. Army headquarters.
Today, aerobics and exercises have taken over as the activity of choice in the park. Kapiolani Park is the home of the annual Honolulu Marathon, one of the most sought after races by marathon runners around the globe. The park is also home to plenty of musical entertainment. The open-air amphitheater at the park, the Waikiki Shell, is home to the Honolulu Symphony , and the nearby Kapiolani Bandstand has plenty of musical entertainment, as well, especially on Sundays.
The park has a somewhat secluded beach nearby, as well. This beach is named Sans Souci. And you can also see a free hula show there on occasion. It’s the Kodak Hula Show, and the group puts on an occasional performance for those interested in watching.
There are plenty of other activities nearby Kapiolani Park. The Honolulu Zoo isn’t too far. Neither is the Waikiki Aquarium. Needless to say, there is something for everyone in this area. But the reason most people make the trek a little farther down the beach from the infamous sands of Waikiki is to enjoy a little bit more of a quiet and secluded location where they can enjoy the Hawaiian atmosphere.