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If you're looking for a good place to stay on the Hawaiian island of Kona, you'll have no trouble. You just need to decide what types of amenities you want and need. Here is a list of good accommodations you'll find in Kailu and Kona.

• Camping. You can of course experience Kona from a unique perspective by camping here. There is no "official" camping here, but there are plenty of places to camp, if you really want to.

• Kona Tiki. This is an inexpensive but good hotel along Alii Drive. It offers a nice pool and garden and clean rooms. Every room has a view of the ocean. You'll pay between $35 and $50 a night. 329-1425.

• Kona Hilton Beach and Tennis Resort. This hotel is one of the most beautiful accommodations on the island. This is an amazing hotel that offers seclusion from others and plenty of places to pamper yourself. You'll pay between $100 and $250 a night here. 452-4411.

• Aston Royal Sea Cliff Resort. This amazing hotel is truly a great place to stay. It offers condo apartments that run between $115 and $500 a night. This hotel is along Alii Drive. 329-8020.

• Kona Surf Resort. This hotel is truly a great resort to just look at–let alone stay at. The architecture is gorgeous. The hotel offers top-of-the-line service and pampering. You can stay here for $100-$400 a night. 322-3411.

• Hotel King Kamehameha. This is the hotel named after the Hawaiian legend. This is the spot where the king spent the last days of his life. This hotel has its own beach and is among the most exclusive on the island. You can stay here for $90-$300 a night. 329-2911.

• Keauhou Beach Hotel. This hotel is constructed at the spot where King Kamehameha had his summer cottage. It's a bargain to stay here at $77 a night. 322-3441.