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This is a town where volcanoes meet resorts meet beautiful beaches. On one end of the town you can stay in some of the best hotels on the island, the Westin Maui and the Hyatt Regency. But just down the street are some of the largest helpings of volcanic rock most viewed by tourists. This is a good location for anyone looking to experience Hawaii. Here are some of the best sights and beaches in Kaanapali on the island of Maui.

• Black Rock. This is one of the best places to snorkel on Maui. It’s near the Sheraton. This is a spot that has a rock sticking out of the sea. It’s something to see underwater. You want to snorkel on the western part of the area to see the best views. You’ll see plenty of turtles, schools of tropical fish, and some beautiful underwater coral.
• Hanakoo Beach. This is a gorgeous stretch of beach that is also the most popular beach in Kaanapali. They’re right in front of some of the ritziest hotels on the island. The sands are clean and the waters are great for swimming.
• The Sugar Cane Train. This is a train that was used to haul sugar cane from one place to another on the island by the Lahaina, Kaanapali and Pacific Railroad.
• The Banana Moon. This is an entertainment spot you don’t want to miss. You can dance or find romance in a candlelit corner of the restaurant. You can find the spot inside the Marriott Hotel.
• Whaler’s Museum. This museum is partially a mall in the area and partially a museum. You can shop here, or you can walk around and learn about the history of Maui. The mall is right in Kaanapali.
• Center Art Galleries. This is the home of some of the best art galleries on the island. You’ll find all types of art. Some are by celebrities, others are by locals who have been artists for years.
• Chico’s. This is a restaurant and bar in Kaanapali where you can get a nice atmosphere and drink and eat to your heart’s content.