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If you are sick of paying high prices for everything in Waikiki and just want a decent meal at a good price, you can do that. You just need to know where to look. Here is a list of some good inexpensive places to eat in Waikiki, where you can find them, and how much you can expect to pay.

• Perry’s Smorgy. This is a place you can eat as much as you want and get some good eatin’ at the same time. This restaurant features all kinds of meats, vegetables, fruits and salads. You’ll pay under $10 per person. This restaurant is in two locations, at the Coral Seas Hotel and at 2380 Kuhio Avenue. 926-9872.
• Eggs and Things. This is a great place to pick up some good breakfast, if you want to get your morning started on the right foot. You’ll certainly spend less than $6 and get plenty of breakfast food. You can find it at 1911 Kalakaua Avenue. 949-0820.
• Country Life Restaurant. This restaurant offers wholesome, completely vegetarian dishes. It’s operated by the Seventh-day Adventists church. You pay based on how much food you want to eat. It typically costs about $4.49 a pound. Don’t forget to save room for dessert. They’ve got some yummy ones! 421 Nahua Street.
• Man Lee’s Chinese Restaurant. This is a basic Chinese restaurant and serves some pretty decent food. You can typically eat under $8. 124 Kapahulu. 922-6005.
• Ferdinand’s. This is a good inexpensive place to eat in the Coral Reef Hotel. You can typically eat for under $8 a person. 2299 Kuhio Avenue. 923-5581.
• Peking Garden. This is pretty much a hole-in-the wall dive that serves Chinese and American cuisine. You can pretty much get a hot plate lunch for about $4. You should try the fried chicken... it’s actually really good. 307 Royal Hawaiian Avenue. 922-3401.
• Holiday Inn. This hotel serves good food without damaging your pocketbook. For under $10 you can fill up on a rather tasty dinner. 2570 Kalahaua Avenue.