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In the first look, Hyderabad looks like any other Indian city – people of all colours swarming on the roads, vehicles screeching to a stop at highly packed traffic lights, vendors roaming around with their wares – but what sets Hyderabad aside from any other city is the way it has adopted technology and innovations into its daily life. In fact, it has been hyped as the Silicon Valley of India, with Bangalore coming second in the race.

However, what does make Hyderabad special is the way it has integrated technology in its life without letting go of its traditional heritage. Here, we can see beautiful Moughal monuments standing side by side with muti-storied sky scrapers.

The Salar Jung Museum still preserves a chunk of history in its four walls – beautiful sculptures, clothing, armours, jewellery etc. of the times when the Nizam ruled over Hyderabad. In stark contrast, a whole area has been trasformed to form the High Tech city. The city can be called as a monument for all things that are related with modern technology and contains in its four walls great innovators like Microsoft and Wipro.

Of course, so that technology does not overtake the villagers who too are highly talented, an handicrafts village has been constructed right next to the High Tech City. Here, all kind of handicrafts are made and sold by the villagers and they too get an opportunity to share and display their skills. The villages are given cottages in the handicraft village and they produce the products right there and sell them. Anyone who visits the Hi-Tech City certainly can’t miss this place. Hyderabad aptly juggles you between the lanes of the past and the super highways of the future.