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No honeymoon is complete with out a huge helping of romance. Of course, it helps if you’re on a private desert island filled with white sand and blue ocean, but you can’t have everything!

It really doesn’t matter where you end up if at all on your honeymoon. You’ll be with your husband/wife and that is all that counts. Being together in the back yard will be just as much fun as rafting in Australia – just follow the rule to have fun.

1. If it’s sunshine and sea you’re after, why not try the following: Jamaica, St Lucia, Grenada and Dominican Republic. The Dominican is a good choice for honeymooners on a budget as it is one of the cheaper Caribbean islands.

2. Singapore is great if you’re looking for culture, serenity and calm. No beaches and lazing in the sun here, so its better for the couple who prefer to explore than just sit on a resort.

3. Ibiza is a fun place for youngsters looking for lots of nightlife and loads of bars and clubs. It’s very popular so you won’t be the only ones there. Although it is mostly visited by young groups looking for a loud time, so you’ll have to hunt for the quiet romantic spots. Very economical and hot throughout the year, it’s a good choice for those on a budget as long as you don’t mind sharing the honeymoon with youngsters out for a good time.

4. Seychelles. For the ultimate dream honeymoon on a tropical island this is the place to go. A long-haul flight of 12 hours is one slight downfall, but al least it will build up the anticipation. Depending on the resort it can be pricey, but if you’ve got the cash to splash out it is certainly one holiday you won’t forget.

5. Cyprus is very similar to the Caribbean, with its blue skies and turquoise sea. However, the sunshine can be oppressing if you go mid summer. Spring or autumn is a better idea. Prices depend solely on where you go but you can usually find somewhere to suit all budgets.

6. Thailand is a place that exudes culture and romance. It is best to go during February and November as it is a little cooler although still quite hot at an average temperature of 28°C. Resorts and hotels can be expensive.

7. Sri Lanka is again, another exploring country. Beaches and resorts can be found on the coast and temples and monuments are more inland. Main attractions are the local craft markets and stalls offering the local seafood.

8. Hawaii is fairly close so there’s no long haul flights to deal with. It offers just as much as the Caribbean – warm waters, perfect sunsets etc, but just a little closer to home.

9. Italy is somewhere different. With romantic spots and cultural tourist traps, you are sure to find something that interests you. Ideal for the couple who doesn’t want a sun/sea honeymoon.

10. London is a busy, lively place with a mixture of cultures, colours and backgrounds. Couples are sure to have fun sightseeing. Although the summers can be hot, the weather is hit-or-miss most of the year. The best seasons to go are summer or spring.