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If you’re looking for a good place to eat in Hilo, Hawaii, you shouldn’t have much trouble. Here is a list of some of the good places to eat. You can’t go wrong here.

• Roussel’s. This restaurant is a place of upscale dining along Keawe Street. The building itself is historical, as it was built in the 1920s. It used to be a former bank. Dinner here costs between $10 and $15 and features cajun cuisine. 60 Keawe Street. 935-5111
• Queen’s Court Restaurant. This is a fine restaurant inside the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. There is a nightly buffet here that quite simply is amazing. It’s rate the best restaurant in town by the locals. They serve seafood some nights and many other fine dishes on the others. The buffet is about $15, which includes all you’d care to eat. This restaurant is on Banyan Drive. 935-9361.
• Fuji Restaurant. This restaurant is a nice Japanese restaurant that offers specialties of teppenyaki and uminoko. Most entrees are between $10 and $20. They serve dinner and lunches. It’s inside the Hilo Hotel at 142 Kinoole Street. 961-3733.
• Reflections. This restaurant has an amazing prime rib buffet. You can eat here for $10-$20 per entree. They serve a wide variety of fine dishes. Lunch is served here, too, and there’s a sports bar for you to use. Reflections is inside the Hilo Lagoon Condominiums at 101 Aupuni Street. 935-8501.
• KK Tei Restaurant. This restaurant is a local favorite, with some terrific beef, chicken and seafood dishes. The atmosphere is very nice with a large bonsai garden including several bridges. You’ll pay about $12 an entree here. It’s at 1550 Kamehameha Avenue. 961-3791.
• Lehua’s Bar and Restaurant. The building itself is quite a sight, not to mention the food. This is a historic building that has been restored and the chefs here serve some terrific seafood. They specialize in the freshest seafood in the ocean. You’ll pay $8-$18 per entree. 11 Waianuenue Avenue. 935-8055.