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Koko Head and Waimanalo are in the southeastern part of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Here are some good beaches you don’t want to miss in this area, where you can find them, and what’s good to do there.

• Waialae Beach. This is a beach near Maunalua Bay, a stretch of water between Diamond Head and Koko Head. This part of town is where many celebrities own homes that are worth $1 million or more. The beach is small but boast a beautiful scene.
• Kawaikui Beach. The water here is not great to swim in, but they are shallow. The bottom is quite muddy and you’ll run into some seaweed. It’s safe to swim here pretty much any time of year. There are plenty of picnic areas and restrooms for you to use, too. This beach is right on the other side of Waialae beach of Maunalua Bay.
• Maunalua Bay Beach. This is a gorgeous area with minimal beach space. There’s plenty of boating space here and you can rent a boat or a jet ski here if you like, as well.
• Sandy Beach. This is one of the best beaches on Oahu. There are plenty of lifeguards there, and it’s one of the more popular areas. You need to be careful, however. The water can be rough. More people get broken bones on this beach than on any other on Oahu because of the rugged waters. But it is one of the best bodysurfing beaches on Oahu.
• Makapuu each. This beach is the easternmost point on Oahu. It’s a great place for bodysurfing, but it can be rugged. Be careful in the winter months here, because that’s when conditions become the most dangerous.
• Kaupo Beach. This is a good beach for swimming. It’s fairly secluded, too. There are plenty of gentle waves that make good conditions for surfers. So if you’re a beginner, this is a good spot.
• Waimanalo County Beach. This is a safe swimming and snorkeling area. It’s not the cleanest of beaches and there are nicer beaches on the island. But this is not to say you shouldn’t go here. It has much going for it in its own right.