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The flowers and birds on Maui are truly a treasure. Most of the flowers that are found on Maui were brought to the island by Polynesian settlers and white men. There are so many great natural places at which you can enjoy the flowers and birds on Maui. So many mostly undisturbed locations at which you can enjoy all the beauty that is Maui.

• Protea. These are flowers that came from locations in the southern hemisphere like Australia and South Africa. They are seen in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. They can be seen mainly on the Haleakala Mountain. There are thousands of them growing there. This is practically the only climate these flowers can grow in.
• Lokelani. These flowers are found so generously across the island that it is the official flower of the island. It’s a pinkish colored rose and is quite small.
• Silversword. The silversword closely resembles the sunflower, but is grayish in color. They can be found in vine or shrub forms and many of these silverswords turn into trees.
• Carnations. These are brightly colored flowers that can be found in fields across the island. You’ll see carnations numbering in the thousands like you’ve never seen them before.
• Pear Cactus. Because there are parts of the island that are very dry, you’ll see some desert like areas that have this form of cactus. They are found widely in Mexico and in parts of the southwestern United States.
• Nene. This is a goose that hangs out on the Haleakala Crater on Maui. These birds are endangered, but they normally only can survive in Hawaii in captivity.
• Pueo. This is an owl that has played an important part of Hawaiian history. The pueo is said to have been a guardian of the people of Hawaii, according to Hawaiian mythology. These birds stand a bit more than a foot tall and are white and brown.
• Honeycreeper. This bird lives on the windward side of Haleakala. It’s a big bird that is mostly black. It’s undersides are typically gray in color.