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If you’re going to visit Hawaii, wouldn’t it be nice to understand them, or even speak their same language? The language of many native Hawaiians is called Pidgin. You don’t really need to be able to speak it in order to visit the island, but becoming aware of the meanings of some of the words might be nice. And wouldn’t it be great to speak a little Hawaiian both on your trip and when you return home? Here is a brief dictionary of Hawaiian words and their English translations. This is by no means a complete list, only some common words and phrases used in Hawaii.

· ae: yes
· aloha: hello, goodbye, welcome, farewell
· Aloha ahiahi: Good evening
· Aloha au ia oe: I love you
· Aloha kakahiaka: Good morning
· aole: no
· hale: building
· hana: work
· haole: white person
· Hauoli la hanau: Happy birthday
· heiau: Hawaiian temple
· holomuu: long dress
· hui: a group or meeting
· hula: Hawaiian dance
· huli huli: barbecue
· ipo: boyfriend or girlfriend
· kane: man
· kapuna: grandparent or someone old
· kaukau: slang for food or dinner
· keiki: child or children
· kokua: help
· komo mai: welcome
· lei: a garland of flowers
· lua: the bathroom
· mahalo: thank you
· makai: direction for "go toward the sea"
· mauka: direction for "go toward the mountain"
· mauna: mountain
· moana: the sea
· ohana: family
· opu: stomach
· paniolo: a Hawaiian cowboy
· pilau: smelly; stinky
· pono: excellent
· puka: a hole
· punee: bed or small sofa
· pu pu: a snack or hors d’uerves
· tutu: grandmother or older woman
· wahine: girl
· wela: hot
· wai: drinking water