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A luau is a huge party. On your trip to Honolulu, it’s something you just must do. It’s part of Hawaiian culture that is among the most interesting. You can attend a luau for under $50 a person, and it’s certainly worth every cent. Dinner typically includes salmon, poi, pork, and various oriental dishes. There’s no excuse for leaving a luau hungry.
During a luau, the goal is to eat as much as you can. Stuff yourself full. You can drink as much as you can, as well. Local Hawaiian performers conduct hula dances that include swinging torches, fast music, and swift moving dancers. When you’re choosing a luau to attend, consider what’s important to you. Some are more authentic than others. Some luaus put on by theme parks or hotels may not be as real as those that are set up and performed by community groups. Another thing to keep in mind is that luaus are not performed all the time, you actually have to seek them out. But they are usually fairly well advertised, so check out local publications for the next dates and times.
Luaus are performed and served by all kinds of companies in Honolulu. Here is a list of some of those companies to get you started on your search to find the right place for you.

• Germaine’s Luau. This is considered to be the most authentic place for a luau by the people who live on the island. This luau is held on Ewa Beach. You can find out when the next one will be by calling 946-3111.
• The Great Hawaiian Luau. This luau is also a good one. It’s held at Makapuu Point. You can call them at 926-8843.
• Royal Hawaiian Luau. This luau is held every Monday at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. They have authentic food and dances. And you can find out more by calling 923-7311.
• Paradise Park Luau. This luau is held three days a week. Paradise Park makes a luau a full-day event. It typically begins in early afternoon and allows you access to Paradise Park, a local theme park. You can call 944-8833 for more information.