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As we know, there are many many "Haunted Houses" in the United States, correct? Correct. So, where are all the ones in the Midwest? Here's some to get your interest up.

Sutton House, Columbia, Missouri

What is the Sutton House? A two story house named for the family that lived there. Built before the Civil War, the Sutton House has witnessed the suicides of two women. One hung herself in a barn in 1858, and another hung herself from a tree in 1940.

Lucy Calvin. Is this the name of the ghost who now roams the halls of the Sutton House singing? Some say yes, and she is now at peace. At peace? Dr. Fred Nolen was a later tenant of the house who lived there for approximately 10 years and says that one day there was a strong wind that blew through the house, and a sound as though someone was scraping something along the floor. The weather says there was no wind that day. Could it have been the ghost saying goodbye?

{Columbia, Missouri is located in the middle part of the state approximately 2 hours west of Saint Louis. The Sutton house once stood at 4933 Lake Valley Lane.}

The Old State House, Little Rock, Arkansas

Former politician John Wilson was a representative for the state. On a day in 1837, Speaker of the House Wilson ruled a representative Anthony "out of order." The two men fought. To the death, that is. Anthony fell dead to the floor, and Wilson was expelled from the house and indicted. He was acquitted on "excusable homicide."

Some believe that Wilson's ghost wanders the halls of the Old State House in a frock. Could it be his punishment for ending a simple argument in death? It's up to you what to believe.

{Little Rock is near the middle of Arkansas and the Old State House can be found now as a museum downtown.}

Kansas State College, Manhattan, Kansas

Purple Masque Theater, located on the main floor of the East Stadium. Nick, the ghost of an ex-football player, has never been seen in the Theater. But his voice has been recorded. Injured on the field, and dying soon after, Nick still remains at Kansas State College. Stomping on the stage, up and down the hallways, moving chairs, and best of all, levitations. Nick died in the 1950s, but his legend lives on still today.

O'Hanolan House, Omaha, Nebraska

Picture this. It's 1887, you're moving into a new home in a quiet neighboorhood. Then strange things start to happen. Knocking at the doors, pounding, footsteps, screaming, moaning, wailing from the cellar. Dishes fly from the cabinets and shelves, and chairs spin around the rooms. Oh, guess what? Your new house is haunted.

Rumor has it that a peddler was murdered there years ago and his body buried in the cellar. When the house was being remodled five years before, a human skeleton had been found. After the skeleton was disturbed, the sounds began. Coincidence? You tell me.

Grand Opera House, Dubuque, Iowa

Originally built in 1929, the opera house became a theater, and was haunted then by an unknown number of ghosts. Local policemen had been given reports of strange voices in the building. Since 1986, when the Opera House became Barn Community Theatre company, they have recorded many problems: ghostly voices, electical outages for no apparent reasons, and simple pranks. In 1991, apparitions were visible. An employee saw two women in the auditorium who inexplicably disappeared.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed these stories. Now it's up to you to decide. Do you believe in ghosts?