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All of us has heard some tail about a haunted house or a ghost. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of us believe in these stories, some of us don't. Whether we do or don't, these myths and tales give us plenty to talk about. The story I am about to tell is one that has stuck with me for years. It is about a haunted church in Flatwoods, TN. This is where I grew up and the story was told to me by some of the older folks in the community.

The church was constructed in the late 1800's to early 1900's. The actual date no one seems to recall. The church was used primarily by African-Americans until around the 1930's. They say that a old man moved into the church. He lived there alone and he died in the church. He was using one of those old time meat grinders, the kind that looks like it came from a horror movie. He somehow got his hand and arm caught in the grinder. He bled to death right there in the church. Some people say, and there have been sightings, that the ghost of the man still lurks in the church. The stories go on to say that if you are at the church at midnight, you will see the ghost with only one arm.

I never really believed this story, but it did catch my curiosity. One day in 1992 or 93, a couple of friends and myself decided to visit the church. We all said we didn't believe it, but we all agreed to go in the day time. We walked up the old trail, through the woods to the church. It was a very old building, and not very big. Yet, it did give us this creepy feeling. We walked up to the front door of the church, we hesitated, before we finally opened the door. We didn't see the meat grinder or a ghost. The church was furnished with a couch and other furniture articles. We had satisfied our curiosity, we hadn't seen the ghost. This is not to say there isn't one, there could be.

As we all walked back down the road, we were relieved we hadn't run into the ghost. This is when something strange happened. The wind that was blowing hard, completely ceased. The woods became completely quite, a single sound could not be heard. All three of us had this weird feeling come over us. Our skin was crawling and our hair tingled. Needless to say, we put our legs into overdrive and ran like the wind. It could of been our nerves or our imaginations, but we all got the same feelings. The silence, in the once noisy woods, was the scariest part. I guess we will never know if there is a ghost. We will certainly not venture back to the church again. I guess if you believe in it, anything is possible. I won't say I believe in ghosts, but something weird happened that day.