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I really don't give much credit to legends or myths. But as for the story of New Bethel cemetery, I can sort of believe. Basically the story goes there was a tavern owner named Matthias Shambacher who died March 10th, 1879. As the story goes he went on a killing spree and he lost count after awhile. Matthias Shambacher managed to confess to his wife and a priest his sins. Upon his being buried, a severe storm rolled across Hawk Mountain and lightening struck his grave not once but twice. It is rumored that there have been sightings of glowing objects. There was even a rumor that a mysterious person stands before the grave looking at it and then walks up the mountain afterwards.

The other day I managed to get up to New Bethel Cemetery and decided to investigate on my own. I was armed with very little information and did not realize how close I was to Matthias Shambacher's grave, which afterwards I found out to be somewhere in the first two rows near the road on the left side of the cemetery. I did not stay long because I had to contend with two older gentlemen who hindered my investigation by watching my every movement. Granted someone had taken off with Matthias Shambacher's tombstone, but I was not there to steal anyone's tombstone.

I was only able to get two pictures in the short time I was there. In one picture, it shows a mist surrounding a spot where I took a picture at point blank range of the ground. As for picture two, it was of the tombstones in the direction of Hawk Mountain. In it, you can see a face between two tombstones.

Before the other men showed up I was able to take two pictures and experience a few more things. As I walked around the left side of the cemetery, my accomplice/driver felt an evil presence in the form of a mist hanging around the side I was walking on. Before she had mentioned this to me, I did feel as though someone was watching me. And I did hear footsteps off to my left as if someone was walking through high grass with boots on. It sounded like it was headed toward me at a diagonal. The footsteps only lasted a few seconds.

Let me assure you the weather was cool with a light breeze and there was no one else around to make any sounds that might be confused. There was no sunlight out to bounce light off anything to explain away the pictures. As for the feelings both my accomplice and I felt, there is no way to explain that away. Also I would like to add that at no time did I feel threatened by this presence.

I do, however, plan on returning some time to New Bethel cemetery. Right now it seems it will be awhile before I can go again. Hopefully the next time I go, there will be more to report. Plus maybe I won't get disturbed by anyone assuming I was there to walk off with the entire cemetery. And who knows, maybe I will come back with a picture of Matthias Shambacher.