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We've all heard of the fabulous French Riviera, the Cote d'Azur (Blue Coast), famous for Cannes Film Festival where stars from all over the world flock to bask in opulence beyond reason; and Monte Carlo, the tiny Principality known as a haven for the wealthy. You probably don't think you can afford to visit such places, but look again. There are a few places that just might be within your budget.

a.. The Hotel Carlton - located along the train line between Nice and Monaco, the town has mountains rising out of the sea and excellent restaurants. This hotel has only 35 rooms all with air-conditioning, an outdoor pool and is just a few blocks from the beach. Room rates are $160-$170. Call 011-33-4-93-01-14-70.
a.. Hotel le Mas Candille - actually located on the hill town of Mougins five miles away. With 23 rooms all recently renovated to include modern bathroom facilities, all overlook either the hills or the Mediterranean. It has a pool and an excellent restaurant with golf courses, tennis courts and horseback-riding stables nearby. The town is full of bistros, shops and galleries along narrow streets. Room rates are $200-$495. Call 011-33-4-93-0-00-85.
b.. Hotle les Muscadins - also actually in Mougins. The hotel has a mere eight rooms and a superb restaurant. Room rates $150-$220. Call 011-33-4-93-90-00-43.
a.. The Beach Plaza - this hotel boasts its own private beach, 313 rooms, three swimming pools, two restaurants and is walking distance from the Prince's Palace, where the changing of the guard can be viewed. This is a first class hotel that offers packages at lower rates. Room rates are $160-$340. Call 011-37-7-93-30-98-80.
b.. Hotel Balmoral - actually in a hill town above Monte Carlo harbor, some of its five suites offer beautiful views of the sea. Room rates are $120 to $270. Call 011-37-7-93-50-62-37.
a.. La Perouse - Ideal for people traveling with a car, Nice has easy access to buses, taxis and trains. The hotel is located across from the beach near the entrance to the Old City of Nice. Its 64 rooms are each equipped with a shower or bath. There's a pool, a restaurant and a garden. The Chagall and Matisse museums are also close. Room rates are $140-$180. Call 011-33-4-93-62-34-63.
a.. Hotel le Saint Paul - this is a medieval village about five miles from the sea where some of the Riviera's best museums can be found, including the Maeght Foundation with its spectacular sculpture garden. Seven rooms overlook the valley while the remaining eleven look out above the quaint narrow streets. Room rates are $140-$420. Call 011-33-4-93-32-65-25.
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