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If you’re looking to cap your Maui experience off with some great food, you can certainly find it. Here is a list of some of the finest restaurants to eat at on Maui and where you can find them. These restaurants encompass not only great food, but amazing atmosphere and the ability to show you a good time.

• Prince Court. This is perhaps the finest restaurant on the island. You can find it at the Maui Prince Hotel. It offers a very classy atmosphere at a price you likely won’t be able to afford every day of your trip. But it’s worth experiencing, if you can.
• The Plantation Veranda. This fine restaurant is at the Kapalua Bay Hotel. It tries to encompass some of the neat experiences of a plantation in a five-star restaurant. This restaurant is a Maui classic.
• La Perouse. This restaurant found in the Maui Intercontinental Wailea can give you the fine dining experience you were looking for. It is amazingly consistent and offers great service as well as great food.
• Raffles. This restaurant is the other one that many gourmets consider the best restaurant on the island. You can find it at the Wailea Resort at Stouffer’s. At Raffles you can get a very classy experience that you won’t forget for months after you leave Maui.
• The Swan Court. This restaurant is in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This is a top-class restaurant that encompasses everything you’d want in a fine-dining experience. You can get a variety of high-class entrees, a wide variety of wines and seafoods, and the service that you want and need.
• If you’re looking for dining of a different "fine" sort, try a Hawaiian luau. There are plenty of places to experience an amazing luau experience on Maui. They include Jesse’s Luaua Polynesia (not beachside but will give you an excellent show), Stouffer’s Wailea Beach Luau (very authentic hula show and luau every Tuesday night), and Aloha Luau (at the Sheraton, you’ll experience a fun feast and show on one of the most gorgeous beaches on Maui).