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Featherdale Wildlife Park is a charming collection of native fauna and animals in a casual, captivating setting. The park is located in Doonside, Kildare Road, about forty minutes from Sydney and twenty minutes from Homebush, the Olympic Site.

This Park is well maintained in a natural bush setting with free parking, a souvenir shop, facilities for the disabled, an Aussie style café with barbeque and picnic areas available. Featherdale Wildlife Park is a vast private collection of native animals. Visitors can walk through the park at their leisure, resting frequently and enjoying the many exhibits.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy the freedom of roaming slowly through the well-planned park. Many areas are leafy, shaded sections with large displays of birds and animals in natural settings.

View the native dingo, crocodile, Tasmanian devil, the ‘tank-like’ wombat and fairy penguins. Pet and feed baby kangaroos and wallabies, emus can be petted if you can catch them. Peacocks and other larger birds roam freely through the lanes and grassy areas. A glimpse of the resident white peacock with snowy tail in full bloom is unforgettable.

The park holds a very fine collection of native birds. Many people don’t realize that the exotic birds we import here in the United States are common in Australia. The King Parrot, breeds of rosella, the galah, rainbow lorikeet, cockatoos, six different species of the black cockatoo alone are present in the wild. Many other native birds are represented at the park: black swans, lyrebird, jabiru, brolga, emu, kookaburra, and wedge-tailed eagle to name a few.

Many of the native reptiles and snakes are also exhibited here at the park. Featherdale Wildlife Park was the recipient of the NSW Award for Excellence in Tourism in 1996. This is a place for the whole family to enjoy. Have a barbeque at one of the many picnic areas or treat everyone to a meal at the Aussie style café instead.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is a wonderful afternoon outing. It’s fun, it’s educational and everyone will love seeing the unusual animal life that makes Australia so unique.