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There are plenty of places to go out and have a good time in Waikiki. That comes as no surprise to those who have been to or are currently on Oahu. But what can be troublesome to a newcomer is finding the place to go out that fits your particular needs and tastes. Here is a list of different fun places to go and things to do in Waikiki, where you can find them, and what exactly goes on at these places.

• The Wave. This is a place where people of all ages can go, relax, and dance the night away. It features live music each night and has become an institution in late-night partying on the island. You can find The Wave at 1877 Kalakaua Avenue. 941-0424.
• Pink Cadillac. This features several large dance areas and plenty of rock music. It’s a slightly younger crowd than The Wave. You can find it at 478 Ena.
• Crow’s Nest. This entertainment spot features all kinds of local and national entertainers. It can be found above the Jolly Roger Restaurant at 2244 Kalakaua.
• Key Largo. This is one of the few real bars in Waikiki. While many of the other places around town attract tourists, Key Largo is more of a local hang out and always seems to have live rock music. 142 Uluniu Street.
• The Grapevine. This is a more mellow kind of place. If you’re looking for a good, quieter change of pace, this is where you should go. They always have live music, especially some excellent Hawaiian artists performing.
• The Don Ho Show. This is a must-see in Waikiki. It’s live entertainment with a purely Hawaiian twist. Performers don amazing costumes and some equally amazing acts. They have two shows each day Friday through Sunday. It costs about $70 for two people. It’s at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. 949-4321.
• An Evening with Danny Kaleikini. This is an island entertainer who knows how to turn a crowd. There’s less glitz and glamour about this show, but you’ll be guaranteed a good time. It’s inside the Kahala Hilton. 734-2211.