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If you’re looking for a place to dance the night away or see some live music, you can certainly find it in Honolulu. Here are some places you can go for entertainment in the capital city.

• Black Orchid. This is a good nightclub on "restaurant row" in Honolulu. The Black Orchid has live entertainment each night and has plenty of good food.
• Rumors. This is a disco/rock club that you can find in the Ala Moana American Hotel in Honolulu. The music and dancing generally gets started at about 9:00 each night. There’s a fine restaurant right above Rumors called "Windows," that can make a great evening of dinner then dancing.
• Club Jubilee. This club plays traditional Hawaiian music just about every night of the week. You can dance to hula music and enjoy yourself. There’s plenty of alcohol and food, as well. This is a great place to spend a nice evening. It can be found at 1007 Dillingham Boulevard.
• Anna Bannana’s. This is one of the most popular dance spots for tourists to the island. It’s near the University of Hawaii, so many students hang out there, as well. There’s very much a casual atmosphere here and most nights there’s live music to enjoy. You can eat dinner downstairs, then go upstairs and dance.
• Studebaker’s. This is a dance bar along "restaurant row" in Honolulu. It’s a restaurant during the day, but turns into a dance club in the evening hours. The restaurant offers an inexpensive buffet that can serve as a light dinner, as well. This is a popular club and you need to have a more upscale "dress" to visit.
• Strip clubs. If you’d rather go to a strip club, there are plenty of those in Honolulu, as well. This is by no means an "innocent" city. There are about a dozen strip clubs across town, such as the "Musume," "Winners Club," and the "Stop Light Lounge."