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Experience all the magic and wonder of Disneyland - in Japan! Almost of everyday of the year, this fairytale wonderland is inundated with school students, families and tourists. Coach after coach pulls up at the gate and the train station disgorges bodies onto the platform. The press flows like lava to the gate, pushed compactly but not viscously against the metal. Where else in world would you get such polite crowds?

By opening time, it looks like half the population of the world has gathered but, as the gates open, it is surprising how quickly those waiting fall through the bottleneck and find themselves inside√Čutopia?

On either side, candy coloured buildings are neatly arranged, windows bedecked with toys, sweets and cartooned merchandise. Everything to bring a smile to the face of a child and a groan to the lips of a credit card bearing adult. In the distance, spiralling towers and barely glimpsed marvels beckon the entering hordes and they surge, like a bitmapped lava flow to every part of this magical place.

One-price fits all means as many rides and fantasies as you can cram into one day. The Japanese, experts at cuing, snake the unsuspecting through zigzagging lines that curve through and around displays. The worst job in Disneyland? Telling people how long they have to wait. The waiting has to become part of it or else, realising just how many of those magical hours are spent waiting, might throw a pall on the day.

Explore the world in a day here. From erupting volcanoes to African Safaris, from Space Mountain to It's a Small World, rides and features to brighten the dullest eye can be found. Something for every age and every desire.

As evening settles in, Disneyland is lit from all side. The pathways are cleared and everyone prepares to find a place to watch the Disneyland Parade. To the sound of music piped through speakers that line the route, float after float of light-covered marvels go by. Costumes edged in lights, fireworks and singing, make this an unforgettable end to an unforgettable day.