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This area of Oahu has one of the oldest traditions of all of Hawaii. In 1790, the leader of Oahu hijacked a boat at Diamond Head from a sailor. The Oahu leader told the sailor that he was planning to use the boat to travel to his leader and take over the islands. His plan backfired, however, when the Oahu leader lost control of the ship and was thrown overboard by the original sailors. The opposing side then reported the occurrence and Oahu came under attack and lost.
Diamond Head today is quite a gorgeous place. It is built up and now boasts some great beaches and fascinating hotels. If you’re going to visit Diamond Head you don’t want to miss the beaches Kaluahole, Diamond Head, Kuilei Cliffs, Kaalawai, Kahala, and Waliupe. Each of these beaches has character of its own. You can certainly find a good place to relax, call your own for a day, and participate in just about any kind of water sports.
Diamond Head got its name from a group of sailors who found crystals of calcite on its rocks. These sailors thought the rocks were covered with diamonds. Of course, they hadn’t. But then they simply started calling the area Diamond Head. About 350,000 years ago there was a huge explosion in the area. That’s when the water from the ocean exploded into the explosion from a volcano. What was formed was Diamond Head. Don’t worry about any volcanic eruptions in Diamond Head. No volcanic activity has happened there for some 200,000 years. Diamond Head is a terrific monument signifying the beauty of Oahu and Waikiki
Diamond Head is currently the site of a depot for the Hawaii National Guard, and the southeast part of Diamond Head is some of the most expensive ground in Hawaii. Many Hollywood stars are said to own homes there. They like the openness that Diamond Head brings to them. A bit of exclusion, some gorgeous beaches, and living on a cliff that is rich in history and so beautiful.