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There's a different adventure around every corner at Dave and Buster's, the 70,000 square foot fun house for adults located by the Delaware waterfront in Philadelphia. The main problem for visitors to this modern-day Wonderland is just where to begin.

To the left there is the world class billiards room, where pool sharks of all ages belly up for a chance to test a cue at nine ball. Table-side service is available, so the action on the mahogany tables doesn't have to stop for a customer's fix of cheesesteak and beer (or soft drink!) If the sound of a striped pool ball ricocheting its impossible way home to the side pocket doesn't thrill you, the room is equipped all around with television sets - and locals cheering on the Flyers, Sixers and Eagles.

Turn to the right and you're greeted by every little boy's (and quite a few grown men's) fantasy - a futuristic pinball arcade where old favorites like Qbert and Kong are flanked by oversized computer games that make your PlayStation look like a GameBoy. This is the Million Dollar Midway, the centerpiece attraction at the triple decker restaurant-and-party room located on Pier 19. Casino-like chance games abound, and virtual rides on skateboards and snowmobiles are available in every corner of the room. Place your bet on a color, or try your luck at skeeball just like on the boardwalk. If horseracing is your thing, save yourself a trip to Louisville and compete in the D&B Downs instead. Horses with Philadelphia-themed names ("C'mon Rocky!" "Go Liberty Bell!") go nose to nose in this classic rendition of an old carnival game.

Want something with a little more, er, horse-power? Then head on to the D&B Speedway, where you can capture the checkered flag racing Formula 1 racecars, stockcars and motocross bikes. Race against your own party or friendly strangers using D&B's state-of-the-art electronically linked simulators. Some customers have even experienced car sickness!

Too grown up (or tired) for video arcades and games of chance? Then perfect your putt on D&B's 19th Hole, a state-of-the-art full swing golf simulator that lets you size up your own fairway and gives you everything a pro golfer needs (except for the whale-print cords!).

For a real out-of-this-world experience, try battling in a simulated intergalactic war unfolding all around you at warp speed in one of six individual command modules. Darth Vader has nothing on the space-aged visitors in Dave and Buster's Galaxian modules.

Head to the back of the room - and into another dimension - in the 3-D Turbo Ride Theater. It looks like a regular old-time movie theater, but remember, looks can be deceiving. This virtual reality ride will take you to new heights - and depths - while never leaving the edge of your seat.

To slow down the pace - and your heart rate - try out the regulation shuffleboards in the next area. Again, meals and drinks are served table-side, so no one will have to miss the action when Grandma knocks Uncle Bill's marker out of that 10 spot.

The key to all this fun is a "power card" - a scannable plastic card (the size of a credit card). When you entire your realm of fun at D&B's, you purchase "credits" that are on the card and can be used to play games, ride simulators or participate in any of the activities on site. Instead of paying as you go (or being weighed down by a pocket full of quarters) you simply swipe the card to prior to play. But be careful....swiping is definitely addicting, and you lose track of how much you're actually spending when it's so easy to pay for things!

After an afternoon of hard play, what's better than a good meal? Well, D&B offers a full menu - from appetizers to desserts - sure to please the appetites of golfers and windsurfers alike. Those interested in a light meal can munch on a variety of pizza, burgers and salads, while the "big athletes" with appetites to match can order a full dinner of steak, seafood or ribs. There's even a kids' only menu, featuring chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwiches and angel hair pasta. Make sure you leave room for the desserts, because D&B's carrot cakes, brownie sundaes, and apple pies are hard to resist. Now if only the calories were virtual, too!