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These are sheep that love to play. They're not domesticated by any means like most farming sheep are in the continental United States. Dall sheep can mainly be found around mountainous regions in Alaska and like to enjoy the ruggedness of the upper Northwest. They are highly preyed upon by creatures like wolves who often win the battles. They are great creatures to witness and see for yourself first-hand while you're in the great state of Alaska.

Here are some areas you can find them best.

• Denali National Park. You can see a lot of different types of animals when at this park. But one you won't want to miss is the dall sheep. If you hike up Primrose Ridge, and look up toward Igloo Canyon and Sable Pass, you likely will get an eyeful of the gorgeous creature. They typically are in the higher mountains during the summer months.

• Eklutna. This area between Eklutna and Twin Peaks along the Glenn Highway is a favorite spot for dall sheep. Be sure to keep an eye out when you're driving along, so you won't miss this glorious creature.

• Atigun Pass. This is a favorite place for the sheep to graze in herds. You've got to be careful if you're driving along the Dalton Highway, the dall sheep have been known to graze right in the highway! Otherwise, you'll be sure to see some of the sheep on the top of the pass.

• Anchorage. If you're driving down the Seward Highway just south of Anchorage, you'll likely see quite a few dall sheep. They typically can be seen in these domains on the tops of the mountains that line the highway. Be sure to pay close attention and get an eyeful.

• Cooper Landing. This region is a good place to see dall sheep on the southwestern side of Anchorage. If you hike on the Kenai Peninsula near the Sterling Highway, you'll be sure to see some dall sheep.